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Descartes Labs needed a quick consumer facing app for their crop yield prediction data. We helped them build the app while working closely with their product management and designers. We were able to release an app in just a few short weeks from start to finish. By using React Native, we delivered both the iOS and Android versions at the same time.  

Arrowhead Center @ NMSU

NM Fast















The NM FAST Partnership Program, housed at Arrowhead Center, provides small businesses with: 

  • Assistance in identifying appropriate solicitations and topic areas
  • How-to information on agency registrations and electronic proposal submission
  • Guidance on proposal preparation, including assessments of technical objectives and hypotheses and drafting supporting documents (e.g., biographical sketches, resources, and budgets)
  • Specifics on the target agency's requirements for commercialization content in Phase I/Phase II proposals
  • Technical reviews and edits of proposals, with feedback

In addition, NM FAST will provide select first-time awardees micro-funds of $650 to cover the expenses of professional services (e.g. Commercialization Plan Assistance, Development Partner Identification Assistance, Research Partner Identification Assistance, Counsel on Patents and Technology Licensing, and Indirect Cost Rate Advisement) for proposal development.

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